Friday, September 6, 2013


Genre:  Adult Historical Thriller

Word Count:  65,000

Pitch: 1920's New York City, a desperate female magician with nothing to lose and everything to gain, a path of murdered magicians, one hot Italian boxer, another mad magician, all creating A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS.

I've become an animal. I know I'm above this, but if there is one thing I've learned it's this: an empty stomach will drive even the most dignified person to rummage through a trash can. I brush a fly from the hard chunk of bread before stuffing it into my mouth.

And hate myself for it.

I hunch over the food as I inhale it, glancing over my shoulder, making sure no one sees me. Just because I'm an animal doesn't mean the world needs to know. I straighten up, square my shoulders, wipe my mouth and slip out of the alleyway into the throng of bodies too busy getting where they're going to worry about me.

I leave the disgrace behind, promising I'll never degrade myself again by digging through garbage, but I'm a liar. It's a promise I've been breaking for over a year now.

The smell of roasted peanuts hits me as I walk into the theater and it makes my mouth water. I gather my cleaning supplies and attempt to focus on cleaning to get my mind off the hollow of my belly. Distraction is a hungry person's best friend and lucky for me, the theater is full of distractions.

I eye the pile of crushed peanut shells I've swept and with once quick glance around, stuff a handful of them into my pocket for later, hoping there are more than just shells in there. As I throw the rest away, my mouth salivates at the thought of the salty shells on my tongue.


  1. This looks like just the place to build a nice hotel - excellent view.

  2. This looks like just the place to build a nice hotel - excellent view.

  3. Advance to full Request (trumps partial) card.

  4. I'm quite smitten and will spend $20 for the query and first 20 pages.


    Terrie Wolf, AKA

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. This scene. This opening scene. SO vivid! It's rare for me that a first page can rouse the instant movie-in-my-mind feeling, but you nailed it. Too awesome!

  6. I knew the moment I read this that I wanted it and I was going to have to fight for it. I used strategy to get it and still had to battle for it as this was one of the tie-breaker matches in the draft. My wish list before the slush read was for a story featuring a magician (not a wizard, but a magician). It's kinda like The Prestige - a historical magician story, but with a female lead...did I mention I'm a HUGE historical fan. The strong female lead in a time when women's rights were still being fought over also ticked a big box for me.

    Then the writing! Killer opening line - so hard to do. The MC voice, the descriptions are all perfect.

    Even though this got 5 bids, I actually did think it would have more. I'm sure someone will snap this up and then you have to put me in the acknowledgements!

  7. Oh believe me, Sharon, if this gets picked up you will most definitely be in the acknowledgements! I can't thank you enough. And that goes for all the slush readers that kept putting it through to the next round. I'm still a little shocked. Thanks to the agents as well! I look forward to getting this MS in your hands! :)

  8. WoW, so powerful. No wonder you got a request for a full. Wonderful!

  9. Wonderful concept. Very nicely done!