Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PitchMadness: The Agent Game Rules


The Agent Game Rules

Starting on September 6 at 8AM EST through 12PM (Noon) EST on Septemer 10 the agents will stop by the host blogs, read the entries, and make their Monopoly plays (bids) for the pitches they want to read more of. (See the ranking sheet for a list of plays – request types.)

Here’s the participating blogs:

A Monopoly play is placing a bid for the entry (see Monopoly Play Ranking sheet) in the comments of that entry’s post. The agents have a limited amount of plays for each request type (partials, fulls, and trumps). The comments will be set to moderation so you won’t see what the agents' plays are until the reveal day.

September 10 is reveal day. We’ll post all the comments and reveal the winning requests starting at 12:01 PM (NOON)  EST. The best play wins the request for that entry. It'll all play out on the Twitter hashtag #PitchMadness.

What happens with ties, you ask? Well, that’s where it gets tricky!


The challenge round starts after the reveal and if there are tying requests. We’ll announce the pitches that received tying requets on the hashtag #PitchMadness on Twitter. Agents will then go to the entry post and enter another play in the comments. Each challenge will continue until there is a winner or until all but one player is eliminated (runs out of request plays and trumps) for that pitch. Best plays wins!

 Monopoly Play Rankings

     $/Cards:        # plays per type :     Request type:

    .....10 .… Query & 1st 5 pages
  ….  10 …. Query & 1st 10 pages
   …… 10 …. Query & 1st 20 pages … 10 … Query & 1st 50 pages              
........... 5 …. Query & 1st 75 pages
    Buy Property

 …….  5 …. Query & 1st 100 pages

Buy a house …..  5 …. Query & 1st 150 pages


........ 2 ....... Trumps all Partials


Buy a hotel  ....   3 …… Full Request

......... 1 …. Trumps all plays

The top 60 entries advancing to the agent round will go live on 9/6 at 8AM EST. And come back on 9/10 at 12:01PM (Noon) EST when we reveal the agents' requests and play the challenge round!

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