Friday, September 27, 2013

GenreCon 2013

Me (in the middle) with authors Stacey Nash & K.A.Last
Networking turned into blogging pals into friendship

In two weeks time I’ll be kicking it with authors, agents, editors and other publishing industry peeps at the GenreCon opening night reception.

I’m really excited about this event, as it’s one of the most well rounded programs I’ve seen for a writers’ conference.  There is a lot of focus on the business of being an author, which in this day and age can be just as important as writing an amazing story. There’s an expectation in the publishing industry that authors will understand marketing, social media and self-promotion, which will include public speaking stints.

In this year’s conference program, as well as having the opportunity to learn more about the craft of writing,  you have the opportunity to find out more about:

·      Creating book trailers
·      Effectively reading an excerpt from your novel
·      Networking
·      Contracts and copyright
·      Self-publishing an ebook using Lean Pub
·      The future of genre fiction
·      How to maximize your daily word-count

I’ll be on the panel ‘Networking is not a dirty word’ on Saturday with Kate Eltham, Joel Naoum and Ellen Forsyth where we’ll be talking about how to effectively engage other people in the publishing industry without behaving like a creeper.

If you can make it to Brisbane 11-13 October, you should be at GenreCon. Hopefully I’ll see you there. Make sure you say hi. 

For those of you not going, what's your favourite thing about attending conferences. 

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