Monday, March 2, 2015

Pitch Madness: SJ6 - BLEED THROUGH

Genre: Adult Psychological Suspense

Word Count:  70,000

Pitch: After witnessing a murder, schizophrenic Liam must distinguish between reality and the creations of his mind before he loses the life he’s fought so hard to recover.
Excerpt: Liam drew aside pink ruffly curtains and peered across the street. A quick glance at the owl alarm clock confirmed the time: 3:00 PM.

Right on schedule, Mrs. Channer emerged in her Monday outfit, a white tennis skirt and matching tank that revealed skin flaccid with age. She strolled toward her letterbox and retrieved the day’s mail, shuffling it through her hands like a deck of playing cards. Feigning nonchalance, Mrs. Channer shaded her eyes against the intense afternoon sun and turned toward Liam and scanned his house. She knew he was watching.

Liam eased the curtains closed and shrank to the floor. The unwritten rules of engagement between Mrs. Channer and him required discreet surveillance and he wouldn’t be the first to break protocol.

Even between enemies, it’s best to avoid awkward situations.

He lifted up a small mirror and watched Mrs. Channer’s reflection retreat indoors. A stubborn old bitty, she insisted on living nearby despite the fact that he’d killed her one hundred times.

Problem was, the pesky woman kept replicating. Protecting his family from her wasn’t an easy job, but Liam didn’t mind hard work; neither did Joshua.

“You’re gonna have to kill her again,” Joshua said, sprawling across Tasha’s bed, his uniform of black jeans and leather jacket a shadow against the pink comforter. Shreds of afternoon light filtered through the curtains and settled on his pockmarked face. He yawned and laced his hands behind his head.

Liam was never that relaxed.

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