Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Finds

Each Friday my assistant Heather and I will be bringing you our favourite online literary finds from around the web for the week.

Open Education Database offers a Quick Guide to Library Cats that highlights six of the most famous library cats. Fur and books! My favourite mix. 

Love pitch contests? Then here's a cool one for you: Sun Vs Snow. I'm one of the mentors and this week the submission details were revealed. 

This is Teen has a great post on how to create bookish quote art

Agent Janet Reid pointed out how evil conference pitches are and encouraged event organisers to look at other options for connecting agents and writers. 

Ex-agent Nathan Bransford has a guest post on how 5 Ways to Make Money Writing Today.

Aussie Owned & Read contributor Cassandra Page is calling for nominations for your favourite YA and NA romance novels for an upcoming  AOandR poll. It can be any genre as long as there's loving. 

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