Monday, January 20, 2014

Book Review: Bound by M. J. Stevens

Hey guys! Heather here, with my monthly post. Up for slaughter, ahem, review is this little gem.

Bound by M. J. Stevens

 If Mellea had known that helping an injured stranger would result in an engagement – hers – she probably would have left Leo lying where she found him.Forced into the world of Selestia’s ruling family, the Guardians, Mellea must learn to negotiate politics and personalities she never thought she’d encounter. But this secret and glamorous world is not all as it seems. 

When a timeworn enemy remerges and threatens to bring a new era of war and destruction, Mellea is forced to make a choice that will change her life forever.

Bound is exactly my type of book, so forgive me if there is a little gushing I can’t control.

Set in a land ruled by Guardians, who live in a shiny, crystal (like, actually) castle, with mega-rich, mega-swoonworthy characters and I was hooked. That’s without the action, cute-as-a-baby-button-on-a-bonnet side characters, AND VIDEO GAMES.

It was pretty great.

Mellea was the type of strong character I love to read about. She’s stuck in a pretty shitty life, with high-strung parents, and an awesome-sauce best friend who doesn’t return her feelings, but she doesn’t whinge and bitch about it like any normal person would. She has a plan. Of course, no book would be a great book if the MC’s plans actually went accordingly. Fast forward a few pages and in flies (yes, flies) Leo with his cocky attitude and her plans are sent right out the window.

Leo is exactly the stubborn, cocky, internally wounded, love interest that makes me swoon. There are secrets and magic and power and such cute little scenes that Leo’s character is put together bit by bit. At first, I really wanted to hate him, but Melanie makes that nearly impossible.

The only bit of criticism I had was that I would have liked to feel the book more. There were some pretty intense scenes – especially what happens at the end – but we are only told what Mellea is feeling, and I think if I’d been made to feel it along with her it would have made the climax that much more powerful.

If you enjoy thorough world building, action, love, and monarchy check out Bound. It was a very cozy, enjoyable read.

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