Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nest Pitch SJ8: An Act of Reparation

Category/Genre: Adult Mystery
Word Count: 64,000

PitchA woman is missing from a crisis-shelter. No-one noticed until her husband’s body turned up. Lexie Reed ignores police orders, risking her life to rescue the abused woman from human-traffickers. Guilt - a powerful motivator.

If the MC was an Easter Egg he/she would be: I’m a Belgian white chocolate egg. Smooth, intact but fragile. One crack and I’ll fracture.


I didn’t kill Ava Carrington. Her loving husband John is serving Life Without Parole for that. I’ve been paying penance for my part in her death. I have a long way to go yet.

That was twelve months and half a world away. Back in my hometown Melbourne only a matter of weeks now; I feel a sense of peace and calm that had been missing in New York. Running down Meredith Street, every second car I passed was either a BMW or an Audi. My Elwood neighbours have been moving up the social ladder in the time I’ve been away.

Turning left at Marine Parade, I headed toward Brighton. Late morning and mid-week, there aren’t too many people about. A few mothers jogging, pushing prams that look as though they might require their own trailers. Running along the bike/pedestrian track felt luxurious after the running tracks in New York.
Usually I love listening to music when I run. Not today – I was too excited. Today I was starting over. My thoughts were racing ahead of me when I passed the Life Saving Club. Screams and squeals of delight snapped me out of my zone. A group of ten year olds, probably on a school excursion, splashing each other in the shallows of Port Phillip Bay. The sounds pricked my eyes with tears. I kept running, halting all thoughts of the past, thinking only of the future - starting this very afternoon.

After twenty minutes, I knew it was time to turn back and head for home. I’d allowed plenty of time to get home, shower and change. I’d arranged to meet Megan Kestler, editor-in-charge of Contemporary Woman, for coffee and a chat. I’m in need of employment - begging and grovelling will not be beneath me.

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