Saturday, August 10, 2013

Delirium song launch

My friend and former co-blogger on YAtopia, DJ DeDmyter has an amazing new song. Find out more about it:

When he’s not writing, YA author DJ DeSmyter (Hunted) can often be found sitting at the piano stringing melodies and chords together to create songs. His journey as a singer/songwriter has led him to organizing benefit concerts and releasing songs on his own YouTube channel under the name The Wishing Well. In 2011, his song “Delirium” was chosen by HarperCollins to be the official fan song for the bestselling novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver.

Today, DJ is excited to share another Delirium-inspired song, this time using the words from “A Child’s Walk Home”, which appears in the trilogy as a nursery rhyme. And to help celebrate the song’s release, DJ is giving away a paperback copy of Delirium signed by Lauren Oliver!

Take a listen

And enter the contest here

For all the latest updates on DJ’s writing and other projects, visit!

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