Friday, August 16, 2013

A competition for cover artists!

My Twitter pal Kelsey Macke has her novel Damsel Distressed out with Spencer Hill Contemporary in 2014. 

It's about seventeen-year-old Imogen Keegan and her struggle with obesity, self harm, and the infuriatingly perfect stepsister who makes her want to drown herself in a vat of Nutella with accompanying soundtrack of original songs written and performed by Kelsey's band, Wedding Day Rain, in an innovative mash-up of prose, technology, drawings and music. 

So keeping with the interactive theme, Spencer Hill have a cover contest! You can read all the details here, but basically arty-type peeps have the chance to make a cover for this great book as well as create album artwork and swag. Semifinalists get gift cards. 

The Damsel Distressed cover contest will be open from August 16th until September 22nd, 2014. 

For full details on the contest, including terms, conditions and instructions for submitting your design visit the Damsel Distressed website. 

Kelsey Macke is a twitterphile (@KelsNotChels), and enthusiastic Nerdfighter.  Damsel Distressed is her first novel. You can check her out at for more fun stuff. 
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