Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Genre: YA/Supernatural
Word Count: 94,000

Upon learning her ex-boyfriend is a vicious skin-walker determined to slaughter a mysterious village, Juliette St.Claire will risk her life to protect his enemies, including the new man she has started to love.

A shadow darkened the door’s glass. From her seat on the bottom stair, Juliette St. Clair laced her fingers together and tightened them. The door knob turned and the door swung open. She exhaled in relief. For once he didn’t appear angry as he saw her.

Nathaniel Jensen smirked, his eyebrows raised, and began his usual interrogating. “Hey, Cutie, why are you sitting there? Were you waiting for me? Why’s the kitchen radio on?”

Juliette patted her history textbook beside her. Her heart rate increased as she thought about how he might react to her request. “In class today we were assigned to study groups, and we have to get together and have a report to present Thursday. A-At three today is
the only time everyone’s free. It’s a full ten percent of my grade and...and I have to go. It’s important.”

“Will there be any guys?” Nathaniel narrowed his eyes and glowered down at his girlfriend. He balled his hands into fists.

Juliette pulled her arms tighter to her sides and crossed her hands over her heart. Should I lie? No, he’d know. “Yes, a few, but some girls too.”

“Then no.”

“But I have to go! It’s ten percent! Please!” Juliette picked up her class schedule and held it up to him, already overwhelmed by guilt if Nathaniel refused. “Why are you still paying for me to go to UCLA if you’re going to stop me from doing the assignments? Please let me

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