Friday, April 26, 2013

Effective #FF tweets

Hash tags are a fantastic Twitter tool and Follow Friday, aka #FF, is a fantastic way to share the love and get your twitter friends some followers.

But it's one of the hash tags that I believe is used the least effectively. Clumping a large group of people together with a #FF tacked on is hardly going to inspire your followers to start following one of your recommendations. And retweeting a group like that tends to frustrate people as it clogs up @ streams. And if you're retweeting it to show your followers you have a #FF I would ask why? They're already following you.

I try to make my #FF tweets meaningful and to justify to my followers why I believe the person I'm tweeting about is worth a follow. I try to minimise how many people I put into a #FF tweet, with the exception of my group blogs as their involvement in the blog is the reason.

So here's some of my favourites from today:

Remember - give your followers a reason why they would find your #FF recommendations interesting and you're more likely to share the love successfully and possibly get cool #FFs in return.

So what are some of your favourite #FFs that have been about you? And what makes you click on a #FF recommendation?

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