Monday, August 13, 2012

For the love of eBooks

I must confess that I used to be so against eReaders. I just didn't get it. For most of my day I'm stuck looking at a computer why would I want to then spend my spare time reading off a computer instead of having a book in my hand. I thought it would be a fad that would die out.

But it didn't.

And then my husband bought me an iPad and I decided to download a couple of eReader apps. Well, then it was on. I realised how quick and easy it was. Now I've got more books waiting to read on my iPad then physical books around the house that I haven't read yet.

Here's what I love the most about it:

  • My massive book addiction isn't on adding more weight to my already over flowing bookshelves.
  • There's an automatic night light built in so I can read while hubby's sleeping.
  • I've got books at my fingertips that I used to have to special order in (being in regional Queensland Australia for some reason means extremely limited book choices. I had to order in Beth Revis' A MILLION SUNS because no where in town had it in stock).
  • I don't have to wait for the Australia release, which can be up to a year behind the US release date (we're Down Under, but we're not Mars!)
  • The books are cheaper, so of course that means I can buy more books with money I'm saving.
  • I'm finding books that I love that I wouldn't have otherwise considered buying (Lux novels, I'm looking at you).
I seriously doubt the physical book will ever disappear. But I'm so excited about the reading world eBooks are opening up.

So, what's your view on the rise of eBooks?

PS - keep an eye on the book as a competition is coming soon.

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  1. This sounds much like my story! A year ago I was adamantly against it. Now I'm pretty sure I need to get one for many of those same reasons!
    And I'm so glad you're enjoying the Lux series! I love those! :)

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