Thursday, February 16, 2012

Authors - Why you should have a website & Winners announced.

I already had a blog set up, but when I saw this interview with Sara Megibow on YA Highway, and in other interviews, it prompted me to look into developing more than just a blog. To summarise, Sara said that her ideal client is publishing ready, not just with their manuscript but also with their website, social media, teen networking and overall professionalism.
It was a leap of faith to sink money into a website when I don't have an agent and have a very small publishing resume. But it was an investment in myself and my career-in-waiting. And it was actually a lot less than you would expect.

To create a domain name website through Blogger is only $10 a year and through Wordpress it's not much more. All you need is a credit card and you're set.

If you don't know how to make it all work - like me - then there are plenty of people with the know how who do freelance work. I was fortunate enough to have a friend, Evie, who speaks code as a second language and has stylish skills as well. There are also lots of blog specialist sites that offer basica layouts for free or at a small cost. But make sure what you have created in the layout has the same feel as your writing.

My website is using blogger and check out Kelley Vitollo's website for what can be done using Wordpress. You can also see the difference between the ambiance of our websites - Kelley writes YA contemporary and her site is fresh and vibrant, while I write YA speculative fiction, scifi, steampunk and have a lot of dark elements to my work.

So, why should you have an author website:

  • To show agents and editors that you're serious about being a writer and are on board for the promotional aspect of the job.
  • To improve your online presence, which flows onto the points below.
  • To help create a following that will help you with the hype with you do have news to share.
  • To create an image that reflects your writing and who you are.
  • To provide people an opportunity to connect with you (make sure you have your contact details on there, including social media).
There's no excuse not to have something. So get out there and shine.
And now here's the winners from my website launch giveaway:

(Winners were picked using

  •  Meagan: A $50 Barnes and Noble e-gift card.
  • Michelle Scheponik: A query critique from YAtopian and kNight Romance author Chanelle Gray.
  • Katherine Amabel: A chapter/first ten pages critique from YAtopian and Entangled author Kelley York.
  • Lori M Lee: An ebook copy of Angelfall courtesy of YAtopian and member of YA Rebels. Sarah Nicolas.
  • Laura "Burgandy Ice" Armstrong: An ebook copy (preorder) of Sweet Evil courtesty of YAtopian and Crescent Moon author Kelley Vitollo.
  • Laura "Burgandy Ice" Armstrong: Sweet Evil bookmarks courtesy of YAtopian and HarperCollins author Wendy Higgins.
  • Jasmine Williams (Isabel Davis): A copy of Carrier of the Mark courtesy of YAtopian and HarpCollins author Leigh Fallon.
  • Nicole Zoltack: Additional prize in! A first chapter critique from YAtopian and Pendrell Publishing author DJ DeSmyter.
I'll be in contact with the winners over the next couple of days on how to get their prizes.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. If you have a blog, my mate Chanelle Gray is looking for bloggers to help her with a cover reveal - there are 31 prizes up on offer.

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  1. Awesome post, and also thanks again for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. WOOOO. I still can't believe I got your grand prize. :) As soon as I'm feeling better, I'm going to the bookstore to snag me some books!

    This is exactly why I have a blog, too. I want to be able to show that I'm serious about books, even if I don't necessarily post so much about writing these days. I love the difference from what your blog was to what it is now, and it really does help match your writing more.

  3. Congrats Meagan!Look forward to hearing which books you get and what you think of them.

  4. ...Contact info. Hey, what a novel idea. Thanks!

  5. Woohooo!!! Thx for tweeting me!! My email's burgandyice at live dot com. So excited to win this book!! It looks so great!!! THANK YOU!!

  6. Thank you!! It just arrived in the mail :) And thank you for the info about us needing to have our own website. I'll have to get on that. Jeez I'm not good at code and all that.

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