Monday, March 2, 2015

Pitch Madness: SJ11 - THE BEATLES FAN

Genre: Middle Grade Historical

Word Count: 50,000

Pitch: Twelve year old Gordon Cohen's world crashes when he discovers his Dad had another kid while serving in World War II. He runs away to find his brother and the truth about his family.

Excerpt: Saturday. February 8, 1964

I stared at my reflection in the window.. The one and only Gordon Cohen. Twelve –year-old Devil Dog lovin’, comic book junkie, Beatles fan. And now – a runaway kid.

If I had half a brain I’d jump off the train faster than a speeding bullet, but then I’d never find out the truth about Dad’s secret. Asking him was not an option. I had been snooping when I found the document. He’d punish me for life for messing with his stuff.

As usual, he'd sigh, like all the other times I'd gotten into trouble. “You can do better, Gordon." "What were you thinking, Gordon?" "Haven’t I told you a million times, Gordon!” I did stuff without thinking. it was part of my personality, like losing my new math review book, If I hadn't lost it I wouldn't have looked for change in dad's dresser and I wouldn’t have found the information that got me on this train in the first place.
So even though my insides felt like worms at a wrestling match, I kept my butt in my seat.

The train moved. There was no turning back.
Outside, puffs of steam rose up from the tracks like a sci-fi movie. I’d never ridden a real train before, only the subway. It smelled like old cigarettes and my grandmother's fancy perfume. I rubbed my hand on the soft red seat cushion and hoped I wasn’t making the biggest mistake of my life.

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  1. I move my pawn 3 spaces, thanks!
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  2. I move my pawn home. --Carrie Howland