Saturday, December 28, 2013

The strength of an amazing cover

People say you should never judge a book by a cover, but the fact is an amazing cover can entice readers to want to know more about a book.

Book covers also become part of an author's brand, which is why covers are often themed for a series, such as The Selection series and The Sweet Trilogy. But even for standalone books, or the initial book in a series, having a instantly recognisable book helps an author.

With so books released each year, resulting in thousands of covers so it is really had to have them stand out.

I was really fortunate with mine. It's unique and memorable. And that was reinforced today when I
got a tweet showing me my cover had ended up in a UK writing magazine with an article promoting my publisher.

What was so cool about it is that she immediately knew that it was my book cover. A great book cover does more than compliment the story inside the pages. It gives the author the opportunity to add to the branding recognition and connect with potential readers.

It's good for an author to use their book cover image for more than just their stories artwork. Use it for profile pics, banners and on all social media platforms to fully connect yourself with the visual marketing of your story.

So what's your favourite book cover that gives you lots of feels?

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