Thursday, November 7, 2013

Breakable Blog Tour: Promo post

If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

When seventeen-year-old Stacy looks in the mirror she can see and talk to her future self. “Older Me” has been Stacy's secret support through the ongoing battle with their neurotic mother, relentless bullying at school, and dealing with her hopeless love for her best friend, Mark.

Then Stacy discovers Older Me is a liar.

Still reeling from that betrayal, Stacy is targeted again by her most persistent tormentor. Only this time, he's used her own artwork to humiliate her - and threaten her last chance with Mark.

She’s reached breaking point.


"Original. Authentic. Heart-breaking. BREAKABLE has officially become one of my favorites!" -New York Times Bestselling Author of Losing It, Cora Carmack.

Read the opening chapters on Goodreads here.

Aimee L. Salter spent much of her young (and not-so-young) life in New Zealand. After picking up a Kiwi husband and son, she’s recently returned to her home in Oregon.

Aimee writes novels for teens and the occasional adult who, like herself, is still in touch with their inner-high schooler.

Aimee is the author behind Seeking the Write Life, a resource blog for writers at You can also find her on Twitter ( and Facebook (

You can purchase Breakable on (paperback and for Kindle), and at (for Nook).  Or add it to your Goodreads To-Read list at.

Aimee is giving away a paperback copy of Breakable on this stop. Please add a comment below about what breaks your heart, along with your email address, to be in the draw to enter

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  1. Thanks for having me, Sharon! *Mwah*

  2. A beautiful story breaks my heart. It might be because it's a sad story, or because it's so beautiful that something in me cracks. I get the feeling that this might be one of those books... :)

    kate.sparkes (at) live (dot) ca

  3. What breaks my heart is the ability that some people have to bring out other people's raw emotions. I think it breaks my heart because it's so hard these days to see someone react truthfully, deep in their hearts, about something, and when you watch someone being inspired by someone else, or crying, laughing, shouting because of the other person, you can help but react with bittersweet emotions. My mom always says the only way someone can bring out the worst and best in people is by loving them, so basically, love breaks my heart. I don't really know if that makes sense, but I've been thinking about it often lately, and I think it's the best way to have your heart broken (feeling everything, accepting those intense emotions, even when the pain comes along the way) and kind of funny, since the only way to mend a broken heart, is by loving too.
    lolathenolan (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. seeing so many gorgeous neglected cats and kittens is what breaks my heart.cats should be cherished and worshiopped.I have a 1 year old cat named Madison Anastasia.named her after my favourite movie and book "splash" and "fifty shades of grey".I rescued her from the RSPCA.So glad to give her a home.