Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tribute to inspiring female authors

This is a belated International Women's Day post.

I've been noticing a trend. There are so many inspiring female YA authors out there at the moment, so here's my top five.

1) Beth Revis. Her perseverance inspires me. She had a goal and never gave up, and it resulted in one of the most amazing YA books EVER. Her insights into society and humanities short-comings just astounded me. Then there's Ms Revis' social media presence. She's giving with her fans and takes a stance on topics she feels strongly about.

2) Veronica Roth. Being published at younger-than-most age and then taking everything that goes with that in her stride shows that she is all kinds of awesome. I also admire that she's not afraid to put her Christianity out there, without being preachy in her writing.

3) Tara Moss. Apart from the fact that I really love her writing, both her Mak series and Pandora English series, I admire how active she has been for women's rights. Her role as a Unicef Goodwill ambassador and breastfeeding advocate is inspirational.

4) Emily Rodda. What an amazing Australian author Ms Rodda is! Her Deltora Quest series has made an impact internationally AND has become a cartoon. But what I love about her the most is that she wrote stories that enticed my son to read when he was younger and struggling to find stories that captured his attention.

5) Julie Davies. Ms Davies is not a name that people will know readily. She's been published in a few anthologies in Australia and is working on her first novel. But she was my boss and mentor when I worked for the government. Neither of us knew that the other one wrote. We lost touch after she moved jobs and reconnected recently. She had only recently decided to pursue her writing and I admire her for following her dreams.

So that's my fave inspirational female authors. Who are yours?

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  1. BETH REVIS! :D Love her. For everything you said. She is fabulous and hilarious and just generally awesome. I am glad she exists.

    Also, very much yes to Veronica Roth. I so, so appreciate that she can be openly religious without forcing her beliefs on her readers. I wish more people would follow her example, because she is wonderful.

    I have not heard of the others you mentioned before now, but they sound fantastic. Do you know if any of their books are available in America?

    (also, I'd tell you my favorite female authors, but this comment would end up being about ten pages long >_>)

    1. Tara Moss' Pandora English series should be as it's set in NY. She lives in Australia, but was born in Canada.

      Emily Rodda is more MG, but her stories are international. I think her latest series is more YA.

      Hope that helps =D

  2. I met Emily Rodda. She was lovely, and great with the kids. I absolutely loved the Rowan of Rin series when I was younger.