Friday, April 15, 2011

Dark InsideDark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a Dystopian like no other. I was fortunate enough to read the few chapters while it was on Inkpop and I am hanging out for the rest.

Civilisations crumble from within, humans crumble from within because of the Dark Inside.

Right from the start I had chills.

The opening is not a prologue, but a scene setter. We get to see inside the mind of the evil to come. A taste, a tease.

Conflict, stakes and tortured MC are the great makings of a Dystopian novel. Right from the start we see one of the four MCs, Mason, isolated from his guiding light. When the world is about to implode, it’s the time you need those closest to you to be there to hold you and say everything is alright. Instead Mason faces what would be a teenager’s worst nightmare. When you’re MC is down, kick him some more with bad news, that also serves as great foreshadowing.

The second chapter introduces us to Aries. I could feel myself in her skin at times. I remember the anxiousness of being around weirdo strangers. Keeping the action pace high, we are hit with another seemingly mindless event of horror. No doubt that will fit together with other events once Roberts decides to let us see all the pieces of the puzzle.

What impressed me was the imagery she created. I loved getting inside the characters heads so thoroughly without relying on first person.

I can’t wait to read this all and expand on my review.

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