Thursday, January 13, 2011

How writers, readers and publishing industry professional can help flood victims

I am a proud Queensland. But tonight, I am also a sad Queenslander. I've cried at the lives cut short. In particular the 4 year-old boy who somehow fell off a rescue boat into raging flood waters (with a life jacket on) and died. And the 13 year-old boy who insisted that a rescuer take his younger brother, and then was swept to his death seconds later.

(ignore the ad at the start! and here's the link if you want to see more footage)

People are pulling together in this time of crisis, and here is a couple of ways you can help is you like to read (there's an e-book to buy), work in the publishing industry (donate yourself for auction) or want to work in the publishing industry (bid on the auction).

Here's more on it from the wonderful people who came up with the ideas.

Fable Croft's words - not mine:

This limited (only on sale until February 15, 2011) ebook edition is being sold as a fundraiser for Queensland Flood Relief Appeal. All donations will go to the Appeal.

After the Rain was commissioned in 2010 and is due for release in April 2011. However, in the face of the ongoing flood disaster in Queensland, the authors and I have pulled together this limited ebook version as a fundraiser. The authors have freely given their stories for this use.

All payments will go to the Flood Appeal, and we are leaving it up to you to decide how much you want to pay for the book. We recommend at least AUD$10.00, but all donations are gratefully received. We hope you enjoy the book and thank you for your support.
Writers Auction 4 QLD Flood Appeal's words, not mine:

This page is administrated by Australian authors Fleur McDonald, Kate Gordon, Katrina Germein and Emily Gale.

All of the donations pledged on the FB page, or through email, will be collated before the auction begins and listed on a central site (still under construction). Following the conclusion of the auction authors will be asked to mail their donation to the winning bidder or contact them about a mentorship etc.

We encourage authors to be creative with their donations - author talks, phone calls to aspiring writers etc. Thanks to everyone for their interest and support.


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